Buddha Tea Barn

The Buddha Tea Barn is open from Monday – Saturday 10 am – 4pm

Bookings are essential for Afternoon Teas.

Our Bridal and Baby Showers are a big hit and can be customised to suit your requirements.

Just contact us to discuss and book:

Tel: 01225 872 728


Parties over six are priced per person.


Soup of the Day
Served with a crusty, warmed bread roll
Warmed Quiche of the Day (V)
Served with watercress
Gently toasted and served with crisps and watercress

Afternoon Treats

Served with butter and jam
Toasted Tea Cake
Served with butter and jam
Cream Tea
Scone served with jam and clotted cream, and a pot of tea of your choice
Selection of Homemade Cakes

Afternoon Tea

1 scone, selection of finger sandwiches, cakes and tea for one


Buddha Breakfast Tea
A delicious rich and malty strong single estate black tea makes the perfect breakfast brew, directly...
Earl Grey
A traditional blend of black tea with bergamot. Known to increase your metabolism, this tea is great...
Little Buddha
Our signature tea. A mixture of fresh green tea, tropical fruit and spices
Japanese Sencha
Pure green tea - Japanese style
Lemon and Ginger
Herbal caffeine free tea
Triple Mint
Herbal caffeine free tea. Leaf peppermint, copped peppermint and spearmint, all aids your immune sys...
An organic tea with anti oxidants, rich in Vitamin C
Granny's Garden
Fruit caffeine free tea, a blend of red berries and hibiscus
Pu Erh Sweet Chai
Sweet, spicy and caffeine free chai tea. A great tea to lower your blood sugar, reduce obesity and b...
Jasmine Pearl
White tea scented with aroma from Jasmine blossoms to make a scented tea. Rejunvenates the skin, imp...
Herbal caffeine free tea. A great tea known for its anti inflammatory effets and helping your digest...
Rose Petal
Delicate black tea with rose petals. Naturally sweet with a high concentration of vitamin C, a wonde...